Assessment & Treatment of Attention, Concentration and FOCUS

The Psychology Practice of David W. Schafer, Psy.D.

What DO you DO WHEN YOU CAN no longer ATTEND to SCHOOL, WORK or SOCIAL INteractions?

Assessing, Diagnosing & TREATMENT

ADHD, Generalized Anxiety and Addictive Behaviors are often associated with issues of attention, concentration and focus. Problems in attention and focus result is diminished performance in school, work and social settings. Returning to a successful life begins by finding a "good fit" with a provider and a collaborative treatment.

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Most individuals and couples experience stress or adverse events during the course of their lifetime.  Overwhelming stress can have distressing and profound effects on families and individuals, and when normal coping mechanisms fail, these stresses can cause problems in attention, concentration and focus. For some, the passage of time is all that is needed to recover normal levels of performance and success, but for many others, the thoughts, feelings, rumination and even addictive coping mechanisms can take over their lives.  In this moment of darkness and distress, seeking professional help can be the first step on your journey toward healing.